Silly Creek Water Sports takes you a step beyond the usual... to the extraordinary.... to secluded beaches and vistas that will take your breath away. The south and west side of Provo are a world away from the busy boat traffic of Grace Bay. We are the only tour operator to take you to these isolated, wild beaches and shallow teal/green waters and estuaries that form part of the west side conservation lands. We are committed to showing you a truly unforgettable and unique experience, while respecting the land and waters of Provo's western Nature Reserve.


Bay Cay, Turtle Rock and Pirate's Cove

Bay Cay is one of the many iguana sanctuaries around T.C.I., located off the south side in Five Cays.  Not only can you meet Tyrone, Annabelle and a few of our other iguana friends, the thrill seekers in your group can jump off a family friendly cliff.  Pirates' Cove is located on the south western edge of the island. Although accessible by car, the road is a trail at best and quite a few miles off the beaten path.  The optimal way to see this historic area is by boat.  On the way, we have another opportunity to cliff jump at Turtle Rock. and for the fit and daring, you can try the 35' jump by Osprey's Rock.   After anchoring, we'll climb up through the pirate's cave to the top and explore the centuries old carvings in the rocks above.  Some date as far back as the 1800's.


West Side Nature Reserve and Well's Creek

For half day excursions, we will explore a bit of the west side and snorkel at a gorgeous collection of coral in calm, shallow water close to shore.  Schools of grunts, mutton snapper and other varieties swim around us, brightly coloured juvenile fish play hide and seek in the coral and an eagle ray may even swim by us.  The full day package continues further along the coast with a picnic on a private beach.  Inaccessible by land, this beach is ideal for shelling, relaxing by our picnic table or floating lazily in the warm waters with a homemade rum punch in hand.  After lunch you can try some water sports or continue on to our "exclusive" snorkeling area.  The reef comes quite close to shore here and is quite extensive so the avid snorkeler will be in heaven!

Our jet boats allow us to access places no other operators can.  The west side has narrow estuaries, shallow colourful coral and miles of beaches with not another soul in sight.


West Caicos 

If the water is calm and you're up for an adventure, West Caicos is a twenty minute boat ride from Sapodilla Bay.  The island is home to the unfinished Ritz Carlton hotel, a project halted when the Lehman brothers, a major backer, collapsed.  The island has been uninhabited for the past 100 years but has a rich history as a hide out for pirates, sisal farming in the 1800s and rumors as a fueling stop for drug runners using an abandoned runway developed by an oil company in the 1970s.

 The west side is mostly iron-shore with hidden coves and amazing snorkeling; the reef starts at the tip of West Caicos.  The cliffs are about ten to fifteen feet above water, high enough to do some cliff jumping for the brave at heart.  The east side is all beach and shallow waters, where rays and juvenile sharks can be found cruising the shoreline.